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Buy Resell Traffic
Prices are as low as $0.37/1,000 unique visits.
Buy Clicked Resell Traffic For As Low As $0.37/K
Buy PREMIUM Country Clicked Resell Traffic For As Low As $1.11/K
Performs Great On All Sites (TGPs/MGPs/Tubes/Etc.)
The System:

We offer high quality clicked resell traffic from a variety of pre approved sources. All clicked resell traffic is filtered to remove hibots, proxies & nocookie visitors. In addition, every visitor you pay for is a UNIQUE click -- Don't get stuck with RAWs.
The Sources:

We only send traffic to your URL via CLICKS from pre approved sources. You do not get 404, exit console, entrance console, popunder or popup traffic.
The Pricing:

We price clicked resell traffic based on the quality of pre approved sources traffic (as determined by our unique testing system).

High Quality Resell Sites
Best quality resell sites traffic is $3.75/1,000 unique clicks. When you buy traffic directly from these sites, you get only premium country traffic. You can buy this traffic by domain, country or niche. Non premium country traffic is also available for as low as $1.12/1,000 unique clicks.
The Countries:

Every visitor that you purchase from premium country clicked resell niches are from the following countries only:

New Zealand
United Kingdom
The Quality:

Our traffic filtering system constantly monitors each clicked resell source and automatically removes low quality sources from the system. This ensures that you only recieve the highest quality clicked resell traffic possible.
The Bottom Line:

Chokertraffic stands above the competition in delivering quality clicked resell traffic that is second to none. Here are just some of the many advantages to purchasing your clicked resell traffic from Chokertraffic:
  1. 30 DAY UNIQUES - A visitor will see your site once every 30 days. Don't get stuck with RAW impressions.
  2. Ability to set your hourly FORCE - Don't guess how much you'll get per hour.
  3. Competitive prices ($0.37 to $3.75 per 1,000 UNIQUE clicks).
  4. Small deposits - Make a deposit with as little as $100.00.
  5. A proven track record - We have been selling traffic for over 6 years.
  6. All visitors have javascript/cookies enabled so that they can be tracked.
  7. 99.9% proxy free -- The only proxy traffic you recieve is proxies.
  8. Our system has several anti-cheat algorithms built in to reduce the amount of "junk" traffic that you recieve.
  9. All clicked resell traffic is tested on a CONSTANT basis, ensuring that you only recieve the HIGHEST quality traffic.
Please check that the niche you want is available & read our rules & faq for more information.

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