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Earn up to $2.81/1,000 raw visits.
Earn Up To $2.81 Per 1,000 RAW Premium Country Visits
Prompt Payouts - 98/99% Sold Rates - Accurate Tracking
The System:

You can send your traffic to our system and earn up to $2.81/K for premium country traffic raws. If you send non premium country raws, you can still earn up to $0.84/K. You can sell your traffic directly from your domain ONLY, or you can let us sell your traffic through our niches (you will still earn up to $2.81/K for premium country traffic). It's that simple.
Unsold Traffic:

If you let us try to sell your traffic through other niches, or if you don't, YOU ALWAYS HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR UNSOLD TRAFFIC -- This means that you can have a constant feed into our system without losing surfers when there's absolutely no buyers. Remember, all buyers are clean sites with no consoles or tricks -- it is no different than sending traffic to a traffic trade (except that you'll get cash back instead of traffic).
The Payout:

Currently payout rates are as follows:

Premium country traffic: Up to $2.81 per 1,000 raw visits.
Non premium country traffic: Up to $0.84 per 1,000 raw visits.
The Requirements:

Your site must meet our minimum acceptable productivity levels. To check your productivity levels, our system constantly tests your traffic (you are paid for test traffic). Should your site fall under our predefined productivity levels, your payout will be lowered (adjusted to your productivity level).

In addition, all resell traffic sellers must conform to our resell rules.
Note: We do not pay you for nocookie/proxy (except aol proxies)/no referrer traffic. We recommend that you filter out nocookie/proxy/no referrer traffic so that you do not send us this traffic.

Please read our rules & faq for more information.

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