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Seller Policies
Read them carefully.
These Policies Are Effective August 3, 2010

Please read these policies carefully before using any of the services offered by
Chokertraffic is committed to delivering the highest quality traffic possible to its clients. To maintain this commitment to quality, we have been forced to set some standard policies effectively immediately concerning all traffic sellers. If you have any questions/comments regarding these policies, please contact us.
Traffic Sellers:
Please read the new policies carefully as they will be enforced beginning January 7, 2009.

Site Policies:
  1. TGP/MGPs are approved to sell traffic through our system.
  2. Porn Tubes with legal content are approved to sell through through our system.
  3. Free Sites/Toplists/Directories are approved to sell traffic through our system.
  4. CJs/Torrent/P2P Sites are not approved to sell traffic through our system.
Updated Policies & Guidelines:
  1. Skim:
    1. All TGPs/MGPs/Porn Tubes must have at least 50% clicks to movies/pictures. This means every a visitor should get a gallery at minimum 5 times out of every 10 clicks they produce.
    2. All Free Sites/Toplists/Directories must have adult content. Banner farms/link farms with no adult content do not meet our quality guidelines.
  2. Content: We will NOT accept new tube sites as sellers that allow user uploads.
  3. Toplist: All sites must have a visible toplist.
  4. Thumbnail: Maximum MGP/Porn Tube thumbnail size is 240 in width by 180 in height. Maximum TGP/Directory thumbnail size is 180 in width by 240 in height. Sites with larger thumbnails tend to send less productive traffic.
Please ensure your sites meet our updated policies.

Existing Policies & Guidelines:
  1. Our count is FINAL. Should your trade script/tracking software not match our system, our systems count will be taken as the accurate amount.
  3. No redirecting traffic. From our system or from ANY sites.
  4. No popups/consoles on your site.
  5. No sounds on your site.
  6. No floaters.
  7. No autbookmarking or autobookmarking prompts.
  8. No changing the surfers homepage or inserting your site as a bookmark.
  9. No viruses, spyware, auto downloads, toolbars of any kind. No sites promoting any sort of evidence eraser/cookie shredder script, etc.
  10. Legal content only. No under 18 models, scat, rape, torture, etc.
  11. Do not send to these links with an exit or enter console.
  12. Opening the link in a new window is fine, but it must be the result of the surfer clicking on a link.
At this time, we'd like to apologize for these new policies, however the market dictates that we keep the quality of our traffic high in order to continue to compete in this competitive market. The rules and guidelines we have set are designed only to preclude lower quality sites.

Additional policies will be listed as they become available.
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